оформление доверенностей для сделок в Российской Федерации

RUSSIAN AGENCY offers services to help process power of attorneys, which are valid in the Russian Federation for Russian citizens permanently living in the U.S. Regardless of which state you live in, we can assist you. We can process power of attorneys or any other documents which will be valid and accepted in Russia without any other extra steps. We will also take care of shipping your documents directly to the notary public or your representative in Russia, even under the current shipping to Russia ban.
You can apply and receive your documents at any of the RUSSIAN AGENCY offices or also by mail.
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The processing time varies according to which state you live in. Typically it takes from 3-4 weeks (for Florida and California) up to 6-8 weeks (for other U.S. states). For most states the processing fee is $350.00 if you provide us with a word text of the document in Russian or $400.00 if we make the text for you. We do not create legal documents, we use standard templates approved by the Russian Consulate in the U.S.
Please call us (888) 9-Russia or (888) 978-7742  to discuss your particular situation and we can give you the exact price and processing time.

How the processing of power of attorneys valid in the Russian Federation work:

  • After your request, we will prepare the text of the power of attorney in Russian using the information provided by you about the type and object of the legal transaction, and the personal information of the Principal and Agent. This particular text will be in a special form that includes a standard English acknowledgement of individual according to your state laws. This power of attorney will be accepted for notarization by a notary public in your state.
  • We will email you the document and you should sign it in the presence of a notary. Then mail the original document with notarized signature(s) back to us. Also, you can receive notarization services at our offices for free.
  • We will make the document legal for use in the Russian Federation by obtaining an apostille in your state, providing a translation into Russian, and notarizing the translator’s signature by an official notary of the Russian Federation.
  • When the document is ready we will first email you all the pages and we will provide you with your tracking number.
  • At your choice, we will ship the finished document to your representative in Russia or directly to notary’s office or other official organization. This will be a courier delivery with signature required.  Another option is to pick up your document at one of our offices in the U.S. or to have it sent to you via FedEx if you live in America.

Types of power of attorneys valid in the Russian Federation, which you can order in the U.S. with RUSSIAN AGENCY:

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