Russian Internal Passport Renewal

Russian Internal Passport Renewal

Russian Version

RUSSIAN AGENCY – Russian Passport and Visa Expedited Services – offers Russian  Internal Passport renewal and first time application services for all the citizens of the Russian Federation permanently living or temporarily staying in the U.S., Canada, and other countries.


  • NO personal appearance needed to apply and to complete documents
  • NO appointment needed at the Ministry of Internal Affairs (Russia) and NO waiting to apply.

You can apply and receive your documents at any of the RUSSIAN AGENCY offices or also by mail.

Do I need to have a Russian Internal passport if I permanently live abroad?

The following are available options for renewals and first time Russian Internal Passports:

  • First time application at the age of 14. The processing time is 1,5-3 months;
  • Renewals at the age of 20 or 45. The processing time is 1,5-3 months;
  • Requests for new passports due to name changes, including name changes after marriage;
  • Replacements of Soviet Union Internal Passports to new Internal Russian Passports for Russian Citizens (a valid Travel Russian Passport is required to apply). Processing time is 2-3 months.

Please CALL our TOLL FREE  numbers (888) 9-RUSSIA or (888) 978-7742 about our fees because the pricing is subject to change .


STEP 1 (you should mail the following items to us):

  • Your previous internal passport, which will be returned to the archives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Russia, or your original birth certificate if you are applying for your first internal passport. If you are applying with your original birth certificate, it will be returned to you along with your new internal passport ( important: if you previous internal passport was lost or stolen, we won’t be able to process your order);
  • If you apply for a name change an original government document related to name changes is required. For example a marriage certificate, court order, divorce decree, adoptions decree and others. All the government documents from foreign countries must have apostilles or government authentication. Please see the list of countries which issue apostilles for official documents. Official documents from other countries (not on the list) must have a government authentication. Our agency will have the name change documents and an apostille/authentication translated into Russian. This translation will be certified by a notary of the Russian Federation. All the the translation and certification services are included in the processing fee and you will not be charge extra for this;
  • Payment of processing and shipping fees. We accept personal checks, money orders, and cashier checks . All the checks  should be made payable to RUSSIAN AGENCY.


STEP 2 — (you should either mail or email the following items to us):

  • completed application;
  • passport photo;
  • a copy of the main page of your valid or expired Russian Travel Passport (if you have one);
  • a copy of your birth certificate,
  • if you apply for an internal passport for a minor under the age of 18 a copy of a valid internal passport of one of the parents or guardians is required (a copy of the main page).

When the new internal passport is ready we will contact you by email and and include a copy of the passport’s main page. Also, we will provide you with the shipping label which has all the information, including a tracking number and estimated time of delivery.


PLEASE NOTE: the shipping fee for delivery within the U.S. is $40 (2 days ground shipping). Canada’s shipping fee is $50 for 4 days ground shipping. If you need an expedited delivery (overnight, a Saturday delivery option) please let us know and we will tell you the price.

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