Russian speaking notary public services in the U.S. (Florida and California)

“Russian speaking notary public services in the U.S. (Florida and California)”

We have notary publics available who are licensed by the states of California and Florida. We offer these services at our San Francisco Bay Area office and the Miami office. In the Los Angeles office, a notary public is currently unavailable, but we will post an update as soon as this is available.

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Why should you notarize your documents?

Notarizing your documents will make them legally valid. A notary public performs a verification process as an officer licensed by the state. This is required for specific documents in order to have legal effect.

Important: If you are interested in making a power of attorney which will be valid in Russia, you can find more information about that service here.

Can I notarize my birth certificate?

Virtually any document can be notarized, but not vital records such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, and death certificates. You can get certified copies of those documents by the appropriate government agencies.

Is my personal appearance required to get my document notarized?

It depends on in which state you’re trying to get your documents notarized.

California requires the personal appearance of the signer in order to notarize documents. California notary publics are not authorized to do remote online notarization.

In Florida, there are now two options for notarizing documents. In addition to a personal appearance of the signer, as of January 2020, it is possible for newly approved notary publics to notarize documents via audio-video conference. These notary publics can notarize the signer’s signature through a live video conference. Our notary public in the Miami office is currently in the process of being trained to be able to notarize documents via audio-video conference. We will update this article as soon as remote notarization is available at our Miami office.

Our fee for notarization is $15 dollars per signature.

What to do before your Notary visit:

Be ready to tell what kind of notarization you need. Notaries can not advise you on what to do. They can just provide you with information about types of notarization.

Most people need one of these three types of notarizations: acknowledgements, jurats, and copy certifications.

  • An acknowledgement is the most common type of notarization. It declares that you have willingly signed a document.
  • A jurat is for you to swear or affirm that the contents of the document is true.
  • A copy certification has the notary confirm that the copy is an exact match of the original. This is allowed in Florida, but not in California. In California the notary public certifies the signature of the signer who is the custodian of the document.

If your situation is complicated, you can contact the drafter of the document or receiving agency to ask about what kind of notarization you need. You may also seek legal help from a lawyer.

Bring completed documents. Your documents must be 100% filled out. Notary publics may not notarize incomplete documents. They are also not allowed to advise you on legal matters of the document or fill out any portion besides the notarial certificate wording.

Bring the right identification. Notary publics must verify your identification by official issued IDs, like driver’s licenses and passports. These documents cannot be expired. Your identification must meet the requirements.

The name on your ID must match the name on your document. If your name has changed due to marriage, divorce, or any other reasons, you must bring an ID that matches the name on the document. Our clients often face this situation due to name changes during their immigration process.

All signers must be present for the notarization. For some documents there is a need to notarize the signature of more than one person. All persons must appear and have valid identification.

The notarization process can be confusing and complicated so feel free to call us at 888-978-7742. We are happy to help.

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