Certificate of return to Russia

Свидетельство на возвращение


Russian Agency offers a service of obtaining a certificate of return for Russian citizens who are temporarily or permanently living in the U.S. and whose passport has been lost, damaged, or has expired.
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What is a certificate of return to Russia? It is a one-time travel document that officially identifies the person of Russian citizenship and gives him/her the right to enter the Russian Federation. This certificate should be obtained no earlier than one week before your flight to Russia (a copy of your airline ticket is required). It is valid for 15 days after being issued. 
We offer a service of preparing full sets of documents and making an urgent appointment at the Russian consulate or embassy in the U.S. Throughout the years we have been in business, we have worked with many complicated cases, such as when all the documents are lost or expired. Next business day appointments at the consulate are available in case of urgent travel plans.
You will receive your certificate of return to Russia on the same day of your appointment at the consulate.  
Please CALL our TOLL FREE  numbers (888) 9-RUSSIA or (888) 978-7742 about our fees because the pricing is subject to change .


STEP 1 (you should mail the following items to us):
  • Payment of processing and shipping fees. We accept personal checks, money orders and cashier checks. All the checks and orders should be made payable to RUSSIAN AGENCY
STEP 2 — (you should either mail or email the following items to us): 
  • completed application on reentry.kdmid.ru;
  • a passport size photo,
  • a copy of your valid Russian Internal passport (the main page and the address registration page),
  • a copy of the main page of your previous Russian travel passport;
  • if you apply for a certificate of return for a minor under the age of 18 a copy of a valid travel passport of one of the parents or guardians (a copy of the main page) and a copy of the child’s birth certificate with a stamp proving Russian citizenship are required.
  • copy of an airline ticket to Russia.
Please note: if you don’t have a valid Russian internal passport, you have two options:
  • You can either confirm your Russian citizenship before applying for the certificate of return
  • or bring two witnesses to the Consulate with you who can confirm your identity. Both of the witnesses must be citizens of the Russian Federation with valid Russian travel passports.
To discuss the specifics of your situation, please call us (888) 9-RUSSIA or (888) 978-7742.
With either option, you will be able to get the certificate of return right away during the appointment and you will be able to fly to Russia on the same day after your appointment, but no later than 15 days after your appointment.
 After entering the Russian Federation, you must obtain a new Russian travel passport at the Ministry of Internal affairs of the Russian Federation. You will be required to give them your certificate of return with the stamp that shows that you crossed the border into Russia. 
Without a valid Russian travel passport, you won’t be allowed to leave Russia. Before traveling there on a certificate of return, we highly recommend to find out the processing times of getting your travel passport while on the territory of the Russian Federation.
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