Russian Visa Application Form

“How to fill out a Russian Visa Application Form”

Thank you so much for choosing to go with us for your visa application. We are so happy to assist you.
Russian visa application is electronic and on the official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.
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You should start it online, but don’t submit the application, just save the draft (save each page by clicking the button on the bottom of the page). Please provide us with the application ID and password. We will check over your application and fix any mistakes and we also need to include the invitation information in your application.
Here is the link for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs:
In order to start the application, you should choose your language and country of permanent residence.
Check the box at the bottom of the page stating that you have read the instructions and then press the bottom that says complete new application form.
After that, the website will give you a personal application ID. Please make sure to save this number for your records.
You will need to set up a password, which you should also save.
Without saving your application ID and password, you won’t be able to access your application later. There is no option to get this information later by email. Please note that the password is not case sensitive.
You will need to answer a series of questions. All questions must be answered. If you don’t answer one of the questions the system won’t let you go further. There are some questions that people often need help with. We are glad to help you with any difficulties.
Date of entry.
Please be careful when you are selecting a date of entry into Russia. Your visa will start from the date you have selected. You won’t be able to enter Russia earlier than that date. If you don’t have your airline tickets yet, make sure you choose the earliest possible day that you might enter Russia. If you already submitted the application to the consulate and then you purchase an airline ticket for an earlier entry date, there is no way to change your visa start date. The only way you can enter earlier is to apply for a new visa and to pay the processing fee again.
How far in advance can I apply for a Russin visa?
Please note that you can apply no earlier than six months before you will enter Russia.
Please, note: starting from the second page there will be an option to save a draft at the end of each page. We recommend clicking save a draft on each page in order to be sure that no information is lost.
The institution you are going to visit.
You will be asked which institution you are going to visit. Please answer ‘none’ in order to move forward with the application. We will add that information later.
Medical insurance.
The next question will ask about medical insurance. You can answer no to this question. It is not required to have a medical insurance policy for US citizens. (If you would like, you can check if your regular health insurance covers you abroad. Or you can purchase medical travel insurance if you prefer.) If you are a citizen of a different country, you must purchase medical travel insurance and it must be valid for the entire length of your visa. There is no specific requirement for the amount of coverage. You can buy the least expensive insurance online. Many of our customers use the company 7 Corners (LINK) or you can search and find other options. We’ll only need the cover letter from the insurance company that states the dates that you are covered in Russia, which should be included with your documents after purchasing.
Who is paying for the trip.
For the question about who is paying for the trip to Russia, you have the options of independently, company, or other individuals. Choose other individuals if the visa is for a minor and enter the parent or guardian’s information.
Hotel information.
If you don’t have a hotel reservation yet, you can enter any hotel information from google. You can change your plans later and stay in a different place.
Who has completed the application.
When you are answering the question “Has this application been completed personally by you?”, answer yes, unless it is for a minor. Then you can answer no and enter the information of the parent or guardian.
There is a question about your education. It will ask you to provide information about your education after high school. You are only able to add information about two levels of education which are after high school. If you have more than two, you should enter the two most recent ones.
Employment history.
If you worked in more than one place, you must enter your previous employment. You can list up to 2 previous jobs. Enter your most recent places of work.
International trips history.
The Russian consulate requires information about all your international trips in the last 10 years with the names of the countries and dates of entry. You can enter up to 30 trips. If you have traveled outside the US more than 30 times, just do the most recent trips.
If you do not remember this travel information, we recommend to go through your passport and check the stamps for entry dates and places.
When you are asked about the location of where you are applying for your visa, please select New York in the dropdown box.
Then click save a draft for the final time. After that click next and you will see all your application information, which you can check over. Please do not click the save and submit button because we will need to look it over and add information about a tourist company if you are applying for a tourist visa. You can just close the window and then send us your Application ID number and password. Thank you!
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