Certified translations

Russian Agency offers the service of certified written translations for official documents issued in the U.S., Canada, and other countries from English into Russia and from Russian into English. The following types of certified translations are offered:

  • Translations from English into Russian certified by an official notary public of the Russian Federation. The processing fee is $—- and will take (-time-). This type of translation is required when you need to make your document legal for official use in Russia, such as obtaining Russian citizenship for a child born abroad, to change your names in your Russian passports after a name change abroad, to have your marriage abroad recognized by the Russian Federation, etc.
  • Translations from English to Russian which will be certified by a Russian consular officer in the United States. This translation by a Russian consular officer will be treated in the same way by the Russian Federation as translations done by official notary publics of the Russian Federation. The processing fee is $—- and will take (-time-). Due to the very high volume of requests for this service at consulates in the United States, this process takes longer. You can use this translation by a consular officer in the same ways listed above for notary publics of the Russian Federation.
  • Translations from Russian into English certified by a notary public in the U.S. These kind of documents are often required by USCIS for immigration purposes and other U.S. officials. The processing fee is $—- and will take (-time-).

We have been working with official documents translations for a very long time. Our years of experience with this will ensure that everything is done properly and according to official requirements of the Russian Federation. Your finished certified translations will be accepted by the Russian Federation without any further steps.