Как сделать запись на прием в Генконсульство РФ в Нью-Йорке

Запись на прием в Генконсульство России в Нью-Йорке

Over the last several years the number of Russian consular officers in America has significantly decreased due to visa issues between the two countries. A great many officers were told to leave the U.S. before September 3rd, 2021. At the same time the number of passports, citizenship, and visa applications has not gone down. Therefore, waiting times for appointments and processing times for documents will be strongly affected. Under these circumstances, it is becoming more and more difficult to make appointments at the consulate, especially urgent ones. There are just two consulates and one embassy in America now- the Russian embassy in Washington D.C., Russian consulate in New York, and the Russian consulate in Texas. We hope that this situation between Russia and America will improve very soon, but for now we must face these challenges and do the best we can. Advanced planning and giving plenty of time to receive your documents back will make things easier. Russian Agency can schedule an appointment for you at the Russian consulate in New York and prepare the full set of documents for your application while verifying that all the paperwork is correct and complete. Some documents can be processed completely by mail without your personal appearance at the consulate.
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Мы работаем в качестве агентства по оформлению российских документов в США с 2012 года. With our many years of experience working with Russian consulates, we have solved lots of complicated cases and can help you with any difficult situation. For your convenience we have offices on both coasts – in Miami, Los Angeles and San Fransico Bay area. Regardless of which state you are living in or if you are living in Canada, you can contact any of our offices to start processing your documents. Although there are recent additional challenges with the Russian consulates and embassy, we look forward to helping you obtain your Russian documents in the easiest and quickest way possible.
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